Oceans Pizza Buffet Yomitan Okinawa
Come and see how salt is made from Okinawa Sea Water!
Oceans Pizza located in Alivila Hotel Area in Yomitan

Oceans Pizza Yomitan with Pizza Buffet, Salad Bar, Coffee & Much More!

Gala Aioumi Yomitan

Gala Aoiumi

Ever wondered how salt is made?

Okinawa Ocean

Oceans Pizza is located in the Gala Aoiumi salt factory and museum complex.

The terrace at Oceans Pizza

The Sea Salt factory in Yomitan is a great place to visit in Okinawa. Start with the Condensation Tower where the Okinawa sun aids in the process of evaporation. It's the first environmentally friendly condensation facility in Japan. Then visit the Brewing Center where the salt is simmered and the snow white salt crytstals start to form. Finally visit the Solar Crystalization House where the sun creates beautifully glittering salt crystals.

Opening Hours

Open 7 days a week admission free

Restaurants 09:00-24:00 Shop 09:00-21:00 Other facilities 09:00-18:00

Directions & Contact

Directions are available on the Gala Aoiumi website. Click here

Tel: 098-958-3940

Oceans Pizza & Gala Aoiumi Salt Factory