Oceans Pizza Buffet Yomitan Okinawa
Gala Aoiumi - Visit the Okinawa Sea Salt Factory after your pizza! - Click Here!
Oceans Pizza located in Alivila Hotel Area in Yomitan

Oceans Pizza Yomitan with Pizza Buffet, Salad Bar, Coffee & Much More!

Daily Menu

All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet

Curry and Salad Bar

Free Drink Refills Soda - Tea

Mini Desert Bar

Gourmet Coffee and Espresso

Great Ocean Views & Relaxation!

View comes FREE!

Pizza Buffet at Oceans Pizza
Oceans Pizza Partys

Oceans Pizza Birthday Parties!

All you can eat pizza & drinks

Lots of room for large parties

Playground & Gala Mall Activities

Ice Cream

Indoor/Outdoor Seating

Best of All - NO Mess to Clean!

Party at Oceans Pizza
Map & Directions

Oceans Pizza

Phone +81 (0)98 958-7711

English + 81 (0)90 3794-5459

Oceans Pizza is located in the Alivila Hotel area of Yomitan alongside the ocean just off route six.


All You Can Eat Buffet: ¥980

Kids Price
Under 3: ¥250
Age 4 - 6: ¥525
Age 7 - 9: ¥630
Age 10 - 12: ¥735

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